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1st event 

Mild ‘N Minty – The One  All night longer with generator of Mild ‘N Minty conceptual & idea creation DJ indi anX. After a years of not founding local events for his progressive/electronic passion he and his lifetime friend Erikk decide to start something different on their own. Later on in 2014 introduction event happened in three cities align on highway axe Ljubljana – Celje – Maribor.

mildnminty-Poster FB_MNM_02

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2nd idea

Mild ‘N Minty – Dream Confusion  Was born out of idea. Mild ‘N Minty core/foundation is to support local underground artist that have this unique deep/underground/progressive touch for sound. In 2014 event happened in all three Mild ‘N Minty resident cities. First one in Ljubljana finding out DJ Sima Deep and Zweis for Maribor DC event. Adding 2nd concept of events to Mild ‘N Minty story we started to organize events almost every second weekend.



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3rd concept

Mild ‘N Minty – Platinum Error  Appears out of unpleasant situation and performance of indi anX on national competition held in local club Platinum. After more than several tray’s to play his competition set and constant equipment problems while it freezes down… he decide to quit, pack his stuff and finish his set for few of his supporters on parking car sound system. Apperently very disappointed he decide to make something out of experience. A 3rd level of Mild ‘N Minty event concept was developed with visualiser IOSUBSYSTEMS out of that BligBling error. A story about fight for the throne inspired from Games of Throne series. Notice human behaviour as competition all round we made the decision that further Mild ‘N Minty events should support also second local DJ. Story was concluded in Ljubljana joining forces with DJ Tears of Nahual. And yes we continue using a fairytale description about artists as being inspired by famous TV series and a fact that Slovenia is covered with old Castles all over the state. With all three concepts we were constantly opening additional event locations and organizing events now almost every weekend in different city.

FB_krone Platinum_plakat_01

 MNM_The Platinum Error

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4th festival 

Mild ‘N Minty – Carnivale  Being on the right place at the right time, we heard about this FACK festival that will be held in summer time on one of the biggest castles in Slovenia. We got opportunity to set up Mild ‘N Minty electronic stage in castle garden and made official AfterHrs event @ club Terazza with whole technical, creative & programme concept. ‘Gattering of the tribes’ was next level concept for development of undernourished progressive electronic music scene. Giving support not only to single artists that join under Mild ‘N Minty but also to pull in other crews that had common interest joining the forces making the festival special. Whit new people round Mild ‘N Minty new ideas arise. Aurora Nights Project’s company led us to Ani Onix and their debut performance on Mild ‘N Minty festival gave us idea to set up pre:festival radio shows. Later on with their help we started to run our own event supporting Radio Show – Mild ‘N Minty @ TM (Tribal Mixes) radio station. At the end gathering became international supported on different inter-media fields (audio, video mapping, instalations, ambient & light design, dance perfomance)  from Slovenia, Italy, USA & The Netherlands.

MNM_Carnivale_FBcover MNM_Carnivale_FBcover_002


Festival stageMNM_Carnivale_FBposter_005all

AfterHrs event


Mild ‘N Minty Carnivale_Terazza by Indianx on Mixcloud


Radio shows


MNM C_ocean of joy_RA show

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5th closing summer

Mild ‘N Minty – Pandora’s Box  End of summer, end of some relationships, end of wonderful time we had together with new friends on the peak of summer 2014. How to conclude experience we had on festival, how to say good bye… while most of them shall return to their daily obligations and life’s less or more fare away. Mild ‘N Minty company decide to use last strengths before taking a more than deserve time brake. And we did it closing event on Slovenian sea side, supporting friends of Pandora’s Box crew and beig warmly accepted by crew in club BASE. Sun, warm:up event on beach, absinthe :), dinner an final event… 



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6th clubbing residencies

Mild ‘N Minty – Teppanyaki & Udarnik  Thirteen events in a row, six months of constant searching for event locations, artist and public/listeners lead us to simplification steps. To clubbing residencies concept. Optimising load of logistic, creative, programme activities we start to build even deeper local relation ship with one’s that find common point of view. After starting first in capital club Teppanyaki – Ljubljana, city full of events and crews we decide to anchor residency rather in Northern post-industrial city of Maribor within a legacy of time venue Cinema/Caffe UDARNIK every last Friday in month. After series of  7 residency events year comes round in February 2015. Finally our paths were crossed with a local matadore DJ Jamie Ricaro. A DJ that spins our taste of sound with whom we conclude all our concepts and close 1st anniversary story of Mild ‘N Minty.





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