The begging of our music journey three decades ago led us to search for hidden pearls of talented audio/visual artist in the heart of Europe on Slovenian lands. Spreading our wings and flying on daily basis we create & support network of Mild ‘N Minty events, venues on East – West national cities axle in 2014. Soon after first events & resident DJ’s join us we launch Mild ‘N Minty Radio Show as a supporting tool for the creative expression of the artists today broadcasting on three radio stations.

In 2015 we start looking in a wider space of ex-Yugoslavian brotherhood once a part we were. That gave us opportunity to re:establish friendship beyond new borders. Taste for underground sound of music brought us together no matter nationality, religion, gender, sex orientation or color of the skin and whole Balkan peninsula becomes a part of our life story.

With a bigger picture creating a story of Mild ‘N Minty – Gaia Union.