Love Land





::1:: DJ’s

:: indianX ::

‘Monk Warior’
A monk from Indian warriors order. Mild ‘N Minty generator of conceptual & idea creations in life time tandem visualist IOSUBSYSTEMS. Indi is a host of FBPS show @ Midnight Express FM and initiator of Mild ‘N Minty RA Show @ Tribal Mixes Radio Station. He’s promoter of his own dance music jumble … FBPS – Fat Bass Pussy Sound.

Fat – deep, nasty
Bass – line & kicks
For Pussies – like a hot female dancers, that can’t stop moving with the hips on funky vocal and banging beats.
That’s the Sound he love to play with. 😉

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indi anX



:: Ani Onix :: 

‘Dancing Queen’
She is. A calligraphy sheer artist expressing passionate love for progressive house, combining tribal and tech a specially deep & dark sounds. She feels big sympathy to deep – dub techno – deep house.

Ani is a host of Ani Onix Session show @ Tribal Mixes Radio Station. Her life experience, energy in motion that is registered as traces in sound with rhythm brought her to Mild ‘N Minty adherents where she become their 1st DJane.

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:: Sima Deep ::

‘Puroguresshibu San’
One of the most talented and wanted samurai for the guest music sets, recognizable promoter for several electronic music labels whose sound taste can be find out on one of the worlds most attracting youtube channel in genre – Progressima.

Sima is a host of Underground Resident show @ Tribal Mixes Radio Station and firs resident supporter of Mild ‘N Minty events. He has a really great sense of depth that shows in all his sets. Listeners will enjoy an amazing trip passing by deep progressive & progressive techno. Always showing the freshest music on the scene!

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:: Aurora Nights Projects :: 

‘Sagur k’night’
One of the freshest progressive producers for Abstract Space Records.

Side by side with Mystic Progression show and co-hosting of Time Differences show @ Tribal Mixes Radio Station he set up platform for new Mild ‘N Minty show @ Tribal Mixes Radio Station as a support for up:coming Mild ‘N Minty clubbing events. He took this opportunity and become resident DJ of Mild ‘N Minty company.

He is 1st class marathon smiling rapture and progressive trance sound blender that wont let you down. Simon is the One that will stop as a last man standing 8)

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:: Zweis ::

‘River River’

Floaty opportunity supporter performing within the field of electronic, progressive & techno rhythms for a decade. Second Mild ‘N Minty resident in the row joining us for the first time on 2nd Dream Confusion event.

Been there done that more than several times in his lifetime DJ cariere and he’ll do it all over again. He is a passionate progressive lover 4 ever!

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:: Cama ::

‘Rayne Magus’

Since ever he is into Global Underground sound. Mild ‘N Minty’s oldest friend from The Golden times of Ambasada Gavioli. Always here as Lovable Truthful and Respectful player of progressive and psychedelic bass sound.

He is Ajem Hir.

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:: The Lucky One ::


With melodic deep electronic awesomeness style he was cached in Mild ‘N Minty’s ear & eye. Lucky is a host of his own show Diary Of Musical Thoughts @ Tribal Mixes Radio Station and Theme Night show @ Strom:Kraft Radio.

As we found out our common idea about undernourished Underground electronic music on S(love)nian lands we join the forces to promote his unique sound together.

Fun Page:


The Lucky One



:: Otherworld ::

‘Alramus Raven’

Just a guy who lives for entrancing / hypnotic electronic music 🙂 These days he mainly love (deep) progressive house, but ambient and classic progressive trance also remain his passion.

We found out this noble passion player his sound vision of own modest world and we made our first step to support him.


:: Ben Gashi ::


With his passion toward deep Detroit house sound, you’ll rarely hear from Ben a compromise. Sometimes he’s moving close to Afro-Tribal sounds but no matter what with the progressive approach and you’ll hardly find that he’ll add fast appearing and disappearing tunes on electronic music market to his collection. While a decade ago he was producing and live! performing only his own production that time even greatest producers like Umek didn’t believe in his talent. 

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

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:: Jamie Ricaro ::


Looking for Marburg residency local artist to support we finally discover Jamie Ricaro. While experimenting with different styles of music in past, his heart settled for the one and only sound, which instantaneous became the soundtrack to everything he did in life – house music. Starting with funky and vocal house, his musical journey made him familiar with the rich and deep branches of electronic sound. The music he spins today is a colorful mash-up of tribal / deep / progressive / electro and minimal house with mixing style to keep sets dynamic and vibrant.


::2:: Visuals


Everything about Mild ‘N Minty that eye can catch. When sound merge into the picture. Indispensable Mild ‘N Minty story creator and visualizer he is. Frontier idea creator, illusion motion specialist with many unforgettable installations. Erikk developed a unique on distance eye magnet engaging system for musically synchronized video creations. Taking your music experience by video motion on completely next level from Outer into your inner Worlds.



Keun Phunk

:: Keun Phunk ::


With technologic synesthesia Keun will compose on the spot colors, shapes, developments of melodies and rhythms translating them into an agreeable as well as stunning visual effect.

He isn’t a Visual Jokey, he’s an artist of the visual … driving with only a few cells of madness and little bit of grace the unexpected appearance.You won’t see him behind a PC … his everywhere among people with his controller … his … ‘guitar’ 😀

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::3:: LIVE! Act

:: Electric Fish::


Expanding audio visual experience on live stage with experimental sound production brought us to electronic pioneers from early 80’s.
Renewal of interest somehow led to the revitalization of Electric Fish’s activities. In 2015 Fish is starting to prepare a  new recording materials and equipment for live show performance. Completing the Electric Fish with new sound ideas, team members and audio-visual performance technologies on a scale that hasn’t been seen jet for his project.

Standing in stark contrast with their 80’s concrete electronic output, the new aesthetic direction Electric Fish undertook leans towards beautifully textured ambient soundscapes, strange and bewildering analogue sound of modular electronics combined with rhythm machine that melds the legendary sound for the modern age.


Electric Fish